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Waverly D. Lane

   Waverly Lane is Naomi Pereira-Lane's husband and co/owner of Changing Lanes Learning Center, Inc. He is well known in the community for his commitment to more than 20 years  of positively changing the lives of children through excellence and athletics. Waverly is the wrestling coach at  Roman Catholic High School. He is a talented individual who demonstrates his ability to reach and teach youths as he was also the founder of the Gladiators youth wrestling program for over three years. He demonstrates all the qualities and skills necessary to be a great asset and mentor to the children at Changing Lanes Learning Center where he wears many hats. He is utilized for many of his talents and strengths as the carpenter, landscaper, designer, and sometimes substitute teacher as he fills in whenever necessary. He has received basic first aid, and CPR training for infants and children and has also received extensive trainings in safety classes through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
    In addition to his many talents, he and his wife Naomi share four beautiful children together and they are partners in continuing to  make Changing Lanes Learning Center a warm, safe and loving educational preschool "where all lanes to lead to a successful education".

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