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-Yazmin Maldonado

Changing Lanes Learning Center, Inc. has helped my daughter develop her skills. They have also helped her become more outgoing and come out of her shell. She is now talking in complete sentences and using words to tell us what she wants or to communicate how she is felling. Changing Lanes has helped her be herself and not be shy!

-Leah Chilele

Changing Lanes Learning Center is a FOUR STAR learning center. My daughter loves learning and exploring new things and with the help of all her certified educators at Changing Lanes we know she will be 100% prepared for entering into grade school.

-The Reed's

My wife and I are so happy that Marvin is enjoying preschool, the activities you plan, storytelling, the seat work(Marvin voice),friendship, the teachers, its all incredible and its helping our son(and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important to us. Marvin no how to spell 15 plus words and he only been there for a few months. Marvin enjoy coming to school never had a day where he want to stay home(not yet :)) Please thank your other teacher for us! keep up the good work you're doing a fantastic job!!


Changing Lanes Learning Center has truly been a blessing to our family. As we transitioned from home daycare into preschool, two things were our top priority. Quality instruction in a nurturing healthy environment. Changing Lanes has not only met our expectations-they have exceeded them. This school has the best of both worlds-the structure and quality instruction of a stellar educational institution along with the personable family oriented charm you feel in your own home. From their Christmas and graduation performances to their Back-to School and Family Nights-this school does a great job of keeping busy working parents connected to the school. I especially love the parent-teacher conferences because it gives me a chance to learn more about her social and academic progress. The tadpole system is awesome! It provides you with a daily dose of updated pictures and learning objectives concerning their playtime activity and lesson plans. Overall, my husband and I have felt completely at ease entrusting our daughter to the caring staff at Changing Lanes. I have already referred (2) families to this lovely school and will continue to do so from here on out.


-Libby Brown


Changing Lanes Learning Center, Inc. has afforded me and my family a piece of mind; for at least 8 hours daily, our child is in the care of educated and loving people. Changing Lanes operates on very high standards. There are rules that are enforced, children are challenged academically and disciplined accordingly and fairly. The Director is very thorough and informative. My family and I are thrilled with our child's progress; she is very knowledgeable on various subjects. Thanks to the exposure to the Changing Lanes Learning Center's academics, arts, and sciences. Many thanks to Teacher Naomi and her staff. I would highly recommend this program to many other families.


-Terri A. Miller-McDonald


While this written testimonial is long overdue, I will say that actual word of mouth testimonials (even to my daughter’s current kindergarten teacher) have been plentiful! My daughter was always eager to learn. The staff at Changing Lanes increased this desire with their patience and skill. While there, she was introduced to math (yes, I said MATH) and science (I can still hear the excitement in her voice when she told me about Saturn and its rings).  Her ability to write, to comprehend concepts and ideas, as well as her ability to express herself in a socially acceptable manner all improved greatly. While the staff teaches children according to their abilities, they are remarkable at encouraging children to move beyond boundaries, supporting each child as they excel in their own way. My daughter was more than ready for kindergarten thanks in great part to the amazing staff at Changing Lanes Learning Center.

-Danielle R

I just want to say that Changing Lanes Learning Center (CLLC) has been the best decision that I could have made for my son. He was 3 years old when he came to CLLC and he did not know how to hold a pencil, he did not recognize all of his letters or shapes, he was a little shy and would be upset when we left him. Now, He just turned 4 years old and he is a completely different kid from that description, he has done a complete 180! He comes home excited to work on homework and everyday he brings home some of the most amazing Arts & Crafts I have seen from a toddler!

Another thing that I love about CLLC is that it is not a daycare, it is an actual learning center. I have older children, and what my son is experiencing at CLLC is better than what my older children have experienced in kindergarten! At CLLC, they have had a wonderful Christmas performance, they have had visitors, every week they have a day or two where they bring something from home to share, they have had penpals with family members, the list can go on and on! There is never a dull day at CLLC and I know that by having him there, he will not only be more than prepared for wherever he attends kindergarten, but it will affect how he looks at school in the future.


Changing  Lanes Learning Center was the best educational choice made for my son. The school has the charm of a small establishment, but the structure and learning plan of a private school, it is truly beyond its years by the attention and teaching technique used to educate students. The staff is caring and involved, and demonstrates a genuine passion in what they do. My son loves his school, and wishes he could stay for Kindergarten, and so do I.

-Nicole Burney

CLLC has been a blessing to both my son and my husband and I. The teachers are like family. They are so caring at all times. Bright smiles, big hearts, and tons of patience we see every time we walk into the learning center. Our son Jordan couldn't say two clear words when we introduced him to his new class. Jordan had been placed at other centers in the past and the experience wasn't always pleasant so we all had our reservations in the beginning. We can proudly say, we chose correctly with CLLC.

-Lola Northern

Since starting at Changing Lanes Learning Center in September, my daughter has blossomed in so many ways. I have seen improvements  in every area from basic phonics and math skills to socialization skills. There is always so much learning, activities, and fun going on every day. The faculty, other students and parents make up a great atmosphere that has the feeling of extended family. Changing Lanes is a home away from home where my child can not only get a great education, but she is also able to spread her wings into a beautiful social butterfly.

-Antoinette Busby

My daughter has changed dramatically since being  enrolled at Changing Lanes Learning Center. We transferred from a Daycare /Preschool to CLLC 2 years ago. Within those 2 years she has progressed to very high levels in every category. From independent study skills to problem resolution, I am confident that she is ready for the transition to kindergarten. If you are looking for a daycare, then this is not the right place for you. If you are looking for a school, whose educators have a personal interest in your child's mental and intellectual progression, then you are in the right place.

-Jerelle Cox

I love Changing Lanes Learning Center. I tell my friends about it, especially those who have children who will be starting Preschool. Changing Lanes has helped my son socially, emotionally, and more importantly educationally. The teachers are positive and work to instill that in our children. They teach  them to be kind to their friends as well as having respect for themselves. I am grateful for this school and the foundation it has built for my son.

-Regena K. Upsher

My son Xander started Changing Lanes Learning Center when he was 3 years old. In the past year, he has grown academically and socially thanks to the teachers. They treat each child individually and foster an environment that contributes to my son's learning. I particularly like the small class size and layout of the center. Because of this, the teachers are real hands-on and know my son's strengths as weakness and they work with me to help him grow. I appreciate all of their hard work and my son loves them.

-Desiree McClendon

There are so many things that I could write to praise Changing Lanes Learning Center and their staff but the most important thing I would say is I have total trust in them, it is hard to find a place where you can send you child that you feel 100% comfortable that they are in good and trusting hands everyday all day. Changing Lanes is also very structured, they may have daycare hours for working parents but it is more of a Pre-School. Gavin comes home with tons of worksheet teaching various things from colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and opposites and much more, and he knows they are the things he learned during ‘seat work’ but he also has play time. They will go play outside, during the summer they even get to play in the water, there are special days that they will have pizza lunches, they had a Fairy Tale Ball and a rock painting day.  Also, every Monday is show n tell.  As a full time working parent I do not have access to be able to take off a lot and have missed a lot of events I would have wanted to attend, one of those occasions was Gavin’s birthday celebration but the teachers made sure it was special for him and then sent me the pictures of it so I also was included which was going above and beyond, and the joy in his face was precious. At the end of every week we receive a newsletter telling us what the children have been doing and what will be coming up, there is also a list of books the children have read that week however the part I really enjoy is at the end of the letter there are pictures of the children doing whatever was planned for that week.  That is my favorite part, I feel like I get to see how happy he is and how much he is enjoying himself but still getting ready to attend kindergarten.  Gavin has learned so much being there and started writing his name at 3 years old. I am fully confident when it comes time for Gavin to attend kindergarten in September of 2013 that he will be completely ready. I honestly am so glad that Gavin is  part of Changing Lanes and I would not have it any other way, they treat him like family there and are very understanding when something comes up, always willing to work with you no matter what the situation may be. I could not be happier about my decision to sending him there.

-Emily Cubbage

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