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Dr. Naomi C. Pereira-Lane, Owner/Director

Dr. Pereira-Lane is a certified teacher with over 20 years professional teaching experience in Early Childhood and Elementary Education  children in the Private School setting. Her credentials include an A.A.S, in Early Childhood Education, a B.S, in Elementary Education, a M.S, in Early Childhood Education and a M.S, in Elementary Education in the Professional Studies Program from Saint Joseph’s University. Additionally, Naomi has also earned her Doctorate Degree in Interdisciplinary Educational Leadership from Saint Joseph’s University.

    She has developed and implemented various curriculum programs which have served in the children’s best interest of higher-order learning and retention. She has built her teaching reputation on commitment and excellence  of all her students, in addition to the respect of and their well being in the presence of her care. She is an advocate for all her children and a strong supporter of (FAAN) The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network which is the backbone and primary reason why the center is a peanut and tree-nut free facility.

    Naomi has an ongoing membership to Allergic living another resource which is very helpful in keeping the students in center with food allergies safe. Naomi has also partnered with Allerbling and Stat kids which are two well known companies that manufacture products to help bring awareness to food allergies in school settings through the use of lunch bags, wrist bands, back packs and stickers to place on food items packed in lunches which indicate severe food allergies of the student.

    She has also received basic first aid, and CPR training for infants and children and is currently participating in the Philadelphia Inclusion Network program (PIN) sponsored by Thomas Jefferson University. Naomi is an active member and supporter of  DVAEYC and NAEYC and her center is a participant in the Keystone STARS program.

    In addition to her many talents, she and her husband  Waverly share four beautiful children together and they are partners in continuing to  make Changing Lanes Learning Center a warm, safe and loving educational preschool "where all lanes to lead to a successful education".

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