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Educational Consultant












Naomi Pereira-Lane

Owner /Director of Changing Lanes Learning Center, Inc.


Waverly Lane

Facilities Management of Changing Lanes Learning Center, Inc.


Child Care and Educational Consulting for all your child care needs from starting a business or just getting back into school. We will help you through the vigorous steps of dealing with all the DPW forms, licensing, and meeting deadlines.


  • Program:  Where to start a home based, group, center and/or owning or renting whichever is right for you

  • Finances: Locating accounting services such as taxes, payroll, budgets.

  • Growing your business:  How to grow your business through the use of Web Design and the set up.

  • Staffing: Finding employees~ Teacher credentials, qualified teachers, clearances

  • Business Structure: Sole Proprietorship, LLC, vs. INC

  • Space set up code: DPW measuring of space required, Putting together (S.O.P) Standard Operating Procedure for your center.


I will provide you with a blueprint of how to start and develop your business step by step. We will work together to identify your targeted audience and demographic area in finding the suitable location to get your businesses up and running. Identifying this niche may be one of the most important marketing strategies you can use. I will give you the required and necessary tools established and agreed upon at the initial consultation in both written and verbal form. The written materials and educational knowledge provided by me will help you in determining your desired business type.


I will offer you sound advice on educational consulting and provide you with the type of legal structures  to help you determine how the business will be owned, and managed. As an educational consultant an instructional coach I am dedicated and committed to my craft. If you follow the outlined steps prescribed and laid out specifically for you, not only will you start your own business, but you will become successful in it.



Please feel free to call, email or stop by my office. 

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