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Marie-Chantalle Louis

Marie-Chantelle Louis is our Director of operations at Norwood, PA location. Marie-
Chantalle graduated A.A.S in General Studies from Delaware County Community College. She has been teaching and caring for children for 15+ plus years. Marie-Chantalle is caring, nurturing, kind and expressed an interest in sharing knowledge and diversity. She is highly committed to her vocation because she sees a need for children to have a healthy environment and positive guidance. During times when many parents are working as hard as they can to provide basic necessities for their families, “I want to be there emotionally for children,” she says. “I want parents to be able to leave their children knowing they are in a good situation while they are at work.” She has seven children who keep me very busy with their various activities.
She loves working with children and seeing their eyes light up when they discover something new.

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