Hannah Collachi

Hannah has been working with children since 2017, She knew she was meant to be a teacher working with young children. When asked, Hannah said she felt excessive joy seeing how happy children are and how proud children are of themselves from learning something in their development with her guidance. She loves teaching children about seasons, (Fall happens to be Hannah’s favorite).  Holidays, and diversity, along with basic knowledge of kindness to one another, is what she loves the most in working with children. Hannah also thinks it is important to be kind, while working in a positive atmosphere. Working with children made her realize how much patience she has and loves to give back to making this world a better place, as children motivate her to be a better person constantly.  There is especially nothing quite like being in a neighborhood grocery store reaching for an item on a shelf - only to hear, “Ms. Hannah!” - then to be hugged by your waist by a child who is incredibly happy to see you out of the normal context of their school life.

Hannah Collachi.JPG