Olivia Ewing

Olivia Ewing is currently going to college for elementary education. She has always been around children whether it be her siblings, cousins, or babysitting kids in her neighborhood. Children have always brought her joy and being able to educate and help little one’s grow has been a passion of hers since before she can even remember. Olivia knew she wanted to become a teacher when her cousins would come over her house and she would always take care of them and try to help them learn about the world around them. Seeing a child learn and grow with help from her makes Olivia happy and she feels accomplished. She enjoys the arts, music, singing, dancing, and really anything of that nature and she think’s teaching students’ lessons that enhance these things can help them in so many ways. Olivia sees herself as a very patient and kind person and those are two things that help with becoming a teacher. She loves teaching children about patience and kindness towards others around them so they can build positive relationships. Something she really loves is seeing smiles on kids' faces when they learn something new, she thinks this is one of the things that she is most excited about in becoming a teacher.